Aftermarket Electric Hydraulic Pump Parts Keep Factories Going

Hydraulic spreaders

Most of the time, factories that use systems such as an electric hydraulic pump run into trouble because certain parts of the pump need replacing and they cannot get the appropriate part from the original manufacturer. That is where aftermarket parts companies can play a huge role. These companies provide parts for the electric hydraulic pump such as hydraulic nuts, which use their own internal hydraulic jack and are used widely in the oil, gas, offshore drilling, mining, power generation and heavy equipment industries.

Hydraulic torque wrenches, another tool needed to keep an electric hydraulic pump up and running, are used when accurate torque is needed to tighten a nut and bolt, or when a nut and bolt is on too tight and needs to be loosened. Sometimes a pneumatic torque wrench can be used to stop torque bleeding, which occurs when the nut has come loose from a bolt connected assembly. This is a common occurrence in the railroad industry and often happens because of improper torque when fastened. Torque wrench calibration can help prevent this from occurring by making sure that the wrenches used are providing accurate amounts of torque. Improperly calibrated wrenches are a large reason why torque bleeding happens, but fortunately it is an easy thing to prevent with regular calibration.

The hydraulic bolt tensioner is related to a torque wrench and is used in many scenarios, including on turbines, wind turbines, steam turbines, heat exchangers, pipeline flanges, valve pumps and pressure and reactor vessels.