Get a Dynamic Sound with a Great Guitar

Guild guitars

Today’s Fender guitars do not look or sound anything like bowl harps made of tortoise shells and tanburs, which are the earliest string instruments known to archaeologists. But electric Fender mustang guitars are a vastly superior product when it comes to both sound quality and an edgy look. In fact, Kurt Cobain, David Byrne, P.J. Harvey and Liz Phair are all a fan of the guitar that, today, has virtually no resemblance to its early predecessors.

Even if they are not ancient, Fender guitars are very valuable. A Fender stratocaster guitar signed by many great guitarists sold for $2.8 million in 2005 to benefit the charity Reach Out To Asia and the remains of the bass guitar smashed in the video for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was expected to fetch around $40,000 when it was sold at auction in November 2012. Electric Fender stratocaster guitars are some of the best industry and with the Fender tone king amps for sale, Fender guitars provide the best sound available.

The right guitar is different for everybody, so some Fender guitars, like electric fender jazzmaster guitars are perfect for some, while other products like Electric Custom 24 PRS guitars are good for others. Finding the right sound is a challenge for any musician, and Fender guitars offer a good option. They have grown a ton since Egyptian singer Har Mose used the oldest preserved guitar like instrument, made from cedarwood and rawhide, 3500 years ago.