Is Vaping Dangerous for Your Oral Health? – Rochester Magazine

Vaping instead of smoking cigarettes, is becoming more common. It’s at the very least how people perceive it. Many young people vape because vaping is the “in way” to do. But there could be higher risks associated with smoking vapes as compared to a defective device for smoking. In the YouTube film “Local Dentist Discusses Why Vaping can cause tooth damage” clarifies. This doesn’t mean there’s the absence of nicotine. Simply, it means that there’s less nicotine. According to the local dentist, that’s what it means.
The real risks of vaping

Vaping is easier than smoking However, that’s the primary difference. There are many issues that can arise. It can cause problems. Smoking a vape is easier to use and also more convenient. Therefore, smokers are able to smoke for more and in greater quantity. In turn, increased levels of plaque are the result. This can result in gum diseases, tooth discoloration receding gumlines, and gum disease.

These are my personal thoughts. Although on the surface, smoking a vape may appear safer yet it’s really not. The more educated clients are able to make better choices. Dental care is costly. Smoking cigarettes can lead to more dental issues than vaping. It’s not just the risks to health that come using vapes.