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Each year, more than 230,000 car accidents happen in Florida. Fortunately, doral collision center can help with those statistics by being one of the auto body shops in miami that will fix your car and work with your insurance company to be sure you can still afford gas after the repairs are done.

State laws that effect body shop miami say that accidents with injuries or property damage totaling more than $500 must be filed with police reports. Body shops miami will still work with a victim, especially doral collision center.

If miami drivers drive nonstop at 60 mph, they could drive to the moon in 157 days. Every 60 seconds in the United States, there are roughly 65 traffic tickets given. A small set of numbers when you consider that nearly two million people were treated in hospital emergency rooms after being hurt in car accidents. Their cars were treated by doral collision center. Not a european collision center miami. With doral collision center, you can at least preserve your car and its worth after an accident, even if your bank account is semi depleted.