Online Diagnosis for Medical Emergencies

Online dr

In the wake of the World Wide Web, online capabilities have touched virtually, no pun intended, every facet of every day life. Among the most popular internet searches are those seeking advice from an online physician. Given the commonality of medical emergencies or concerns regarding early onset symptoms, just under seventy five percent of American patients are unable to obtain appointments with their regular physicians without waiting days, or even weeks. As a result, thirty five percent of Americans have turned to virtual doctors for online doctor consultation.

For less urgent, non life threatening symptoms, urgent care facilities are an option for those looking for fast medical care. However, these facilities, of course, are not free, and for those with general health concerns that may be nothing to worry about, urgent care facilities are not practical. An online physician, and there are plenty of them, can provide a concerned individual with fairly accurate online diagnosis and prescription information. In fact, JAMA Internal Medicine published a recent study that found that an online physician is an equally effective alternative to visiting a doctor face to face.

While online physician websites vary, they all provide general search queries that will direct a patient to links based upon the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. These online physician links will then present the patient with further information regarding other symptoms that will help the patient to narrow his or her query. For instance, if a person becomes concerned that he or she has been experiencing unusually frequent symptoms of headache and lightheadedness, an online physician website will possible related symptoms to the patient. After searching among the possibilities provided by the online physician, the patient may find that he or she is, in fact, experiencing other symptoms as well, such as dry mouth or less infrequent urination. From this information a patient may realize that he has all the symptoms of dehydration. In turn, the online physician will suggest treatments for dehydration, the most basic of which, of course, is to consume more fluids.

A patient may learn that the best or only way to treat their conditions is through prescription medication. Conveniently, it is also possible to obtain an online doctor prescription. This may be news to a lot of people, but one quick internet search into online doctor prescriptions and several useful links regarding online physician prescriptions will be at their fingertips.

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