Seeking Providers of Childcare in the Workplace?

Employer sponsored childcare

When searching for corporate daycare providers in the state of PA, Hildebrandt is one of the premier options in the region. Opening its first center in 1991, this PA childcare provider continues to innovate and improve on its business model for the benefit of the children and parents alike. Pioneers in the corporate childcare business model, 41 employer sponsored early learning centers and two adult daycare centers are now thriving under the Hildebrandt banner throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Indeed, some of the companies that Hildebrandt has provided employer sponsored childcare for are consistently named among the top companies for working mothers in the nation!

The quality of the care provided by the Hildebrandt PA daycare centers is second to none, and the company keeps refining its technique via feedback and observation. The National Association for the Education of Young Children, or NAYEC, has accredited Hildebrandt as one of its premier childcare in the workplace providers, a distinction which Hildebrandt holds in high regard.

It should also be noted that the daycare system provided by Hildebrandt combines the senior day care and daycare for children in the same venue whenever possible, making it more fun for both the kids and the grownups alike. The children get to learn from the elderly folks, and the stimulation and joy of watching children play and progress is great for the seniors, as well. The Hildebrandt company is one of the pioneers of such a business model for adult and childcare in the workplace, and the success of this endeavor is a feather in the cap of all involved.

If you are an employer who is considering taking on a childcare in the workplace provider, take a look at Hildebrandt for your needs. Whether your employees need assistance in caring for the young or old, great options await! See this reference for more.