Should I Get Dental Implants for Missing Teeth? – Prevent Tooth Decay

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The dental implant diagram shows the three main components of a tooth root that includes an abutment and crown. A crownthat is constructed to mimic an actual tooth, is connected to the root via an Abutment. Implant anchors for dental implants fuse over time with the jawbone thus are permanently secured fixed.

The prosthodontist will examine your jaws and teeth in order to assess if implants might be a possibility. Before the procedure, any oral problems must be treated. You must also have sufficient bone mass for the implant to be supported. Just like any surgical procedure the tests must be carried before the surgery. A blood test for dental implants also takes place.

Are dental implants the same strength as natural teeth? They’re even longer-lasting than real teeth. They’re custom made in shape and color so they make them look exactly like real teeth.

Implants are an excellent option to restore missing teeth. Talk to your dentist about whether dental implants are an option.