Why You May Need a Silt Barrier

Floating silt curtain

Does your construction project have a presence near any waterways of any kind, including streams and ponds? If so, a silt barrier may be a requirement. The government is not mandating you to add a silt barrier or silt curtain to the project, but you are inherently responsible for protecting the waterways surrounding where you are working, and the least you can do is put up a turbidity barrier to have a positive instead of negative impact.

Turbidity and silt barriers are the same thing, with a purpose of trapping construction debris and silt coming off of your project before they make their way down to these waterways. Even if research has been done and you do not see any waterways nearby, there still is a very solid chance that the debris created from your project will eventually make its way into these areas. People will drink this water, fish live in this water and other animals have their natural habitats here. Care for the environment like you should with an inexpensive silt barrier.

You have a responsibility to the community surrounding the project, and you would hate to have to go through a lawsuit filed by nearby homeowners if a nearby stream was to be polluted. Protect your project, your company and its assets by easily investing in a turbidity curtain. Your project will be functioning at higher levels too, since various debris will be trapped and collected in one place, making cleanup easier.